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How Exactly To Color Your Motorbike Or Chopper

The do-it-yourself motorbike paint job.

Color AND PREP Products


Lightwieght Filler

Flowable Putty

Primer and hardeners

Epoxy Sealer

Base color Color

Clear Layer/Hardener

Sandpaper by grit: ,,,,,


In case you are like me personally, there is no need the blissful luxury of the down-draft color booth within your garage.

Here’s what I did so therefore. I washed a storage space that’s installed on the medial part of my garage region.

I actually actually lined the surfaces with white plastic-type material, and placed a multi quickness enthusiast in the display screen.

I quickly went around utilizing a move of duct tape and sealed the perimeter from the enthusiast to the encompassing plastic more than the walls.

Now onto light. Following the first-period you try painting something, you’ll quickly discover out precisely how essential great lighting is normally.

In fact in relation to light, the brighter your color area the better.

A pal of mine gave me personally two four-tube florescent light fittings, that i hung on oposite edges of my brand-brand-new spraybooth. It’s great to obtain reflective walls. Covering the surfaces with white plastic-type material not only helps you to save your wall structure space, but it can be very reflective.


Before I continue, I would like to stress safety. It’s an exceptionally poor I idea to color within an region that’s installed on your own home. Actually, it may be unlawful in a few jurisdictions. Also, color fumes aren’t only very poisonous, they’re extremely flammable. Make sure that your fixtures are wired correctly, which your fixtures are totally encased with contact lens covers create. Finally, make sure to possess a fantastic quality respirator with the right filters for the type of color you’re using.

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For equipment you will require in least two aerosol guns, a atmosphere regulator having a normal water filter, a atmosphere compressor, not to mention some atmosphere collection. As aforementioned you will require 2 color weapons… one for spraying primer, and another for spraying basis and clear jackets.


Be certain your gas and oil tanks are pressure examined and leak cost-free before you begin.

Ideally, it’s very very good to sandblast your steel parts, especially if they possess old paint to them.

If you choose to never sandblast, make sure to mud them actually thoroughly and wipe them down having a non oil-based cleaner before you begin the work.

The next phase is to use filler to the reduced spots and any issue areas. It’s a matter of personal choice, but I opt to use a covering of epoxy primer before spraying on underneath coat. Therefore giving a nice basis for the filler to stick to. Mix your filler in small amounts (it generates fast) and utilize it efficiently and equally on your own work piece.

Following a filler has dried, mud it despite having grit and appearance it more than for virtually any low places or nicks, from then on fill and mud again. Following the needed rounds of filler and sanding are completed, it’s time to squirt for the primer.

Lay down a number of jackets of epoxy primer. Following a primer provides dried, get hold of a

squirt bomb of dark color and intensely lightly squirt it by yourself work piece. This can be a guide coat.

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The light dark spray will show any waves, low spots or flaws within your handy work. To improve the difficulty areas that the help coating exposed, you will need to take advantage of flowable putty instead of filler. Apply the putty in fantastic even coats, from then on smooth it down with grit sandpaper (protected around a foam sanding pad). Once you have the high areas leveled down, easy it down much more with grit, from then on completing it with grit. You’re at this time ready heading back jackets of primer.

Following primer is dry, mud it completely with grit to supply it a toothy surface area for underneath coat to stick to. I enjoy spray on the covering of epoxy sealer before applying underneath color coating. Besides supplying a ideal surface for applying the color coat, furthermore, it prevents any solvents from popping through and developing bubbles in the most obvious coat. Ensure that you follow the colour manufacturers specification linens with regards to time between jackets, merging ratios and painting temperature. Failure to carrying out a guidelines could cause you quite definitely grief…trust me.


Now comes the color coat. Apply the color coats regarding to your color manufacturer’s spec sheet.

Next turns up the clear. Following first circular of very clear provides dried, wet mud it gentle with grit.

You’ll notice ripples can be found in the clear as you sand. Continue before very clear is also along with the ridges have passed away. In case you are painting pictures on, it is now time to put them on. After applying the pictures, cover them with another circular of obvious. It might take numerous rounds of clear to totally bury the pictures. Be sure to wet sand toned with grit between jackets of obvious.

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Following the final coating of clear is upon, mud it down smooth with grit because before. If it’s nice and easy, end it off with grit. If you want to get it crazy easy, get yourself a last around of grit.


At this time for the gratifying element. The final stage will be to buff it to a reflection finish. You might need a multi velocity polisher, a buffing pad, and several polishing material. There are many different brands of buffing element available. Town automotive supply store can recommend something.

This little tutorial is supposed to offer a simple notion of the paint processs. To obtain additional indepth instruction feel the link below.

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