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6 Tips for Dating Older Women

If you have fallen in love with an older woman, it is good that you found this article as it is going to give you tips on how to make her love you. So, without further ado, here are tips for impressing older women:

  1. Act As a Father Figure to Her Kids

Women expect their husbands to be good fathers to their kids. However, many women don’t find such husbands. So, if the woman you have fallen in love with is not happy with the way her husband treats her kids, you can try acting as a father figure to her kids. If she is a single mother, then you are very lucky as this will be easier. Be friendly to her kids and love them.

This will make her see you as a good person worth giving a chance. So, look for opportunities to show her your parental skills. However, you should avoid faking love for her children as this can destroy your relationship when she finds out. Your love for her children should be genuine. If you become a father figure to her children, she may ask you to be with her forever. So, keep trying.

  1. Tell Her She Is Beautiful

When you compliment an older woman on her beauty, she will feel good about herself. Remember that older women often feel insecure about their looks. They believe that nobody can complement them as there are very many hot young girls around. So, they no longer give too much importance to personal care or grooming. If you tell her that she is hot, she will be happy and start changing her behavior.

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She will know that someone appreciates how she looks and she will dress to impress you. She will feel special and loved and this will make her have a positive attitude toward life. Also, don’t forget to make her feel special in front of other young people or friends. She will surely appreciate what you are doing and your bond will be strengthened.

  1. Remind Her That Age Is Just a Number

In life, age does not matter but the heart. This is something that your lady should know. Remind her of these so that she does not see herself as an older woman. Even though your lady maybe 40 years old, the signs of aging may not be clearly visible. However, never ask her age no matter the circumstances. Just comfort her in the phase she is in.

Treat her like a young girl. You can try including words like “That looks good on a young girl like you” or “See youngsters like us”. Do this genuinely, not in a mocking manner. If you say this mockingly, she will feel insecure instead of feeling comforted about her age. Don’t forget that women become more insecure as they age.

  1. Be Mature Enough

Since your lady is a confident and mature woman who can handle many things in her life by herself, she expects to have a boyfriend who is brave and disciplined. If you want her to love you, you need to adopt some great behavioral traits. Show her that you can help her solve complicated problems in her life, respect her privacy and try as much as possible to get rid of funky teenage thoughts from your mind.

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Even though there is an age gap between you and mature women, prove that there isn’t any intellectual gap between the two of you. To impress her, you need to act mature enough. She needs to see you as a caring, reasonable and responsible man. That is the kind of man she needs in her life. Be that man.

  1. Know What She Likes and What She Doesn’t Like

You need to know what your lady likes and what she doesn’t like. For instance, if you find out that she loves fashion designing; ask her to give you a few tips on fashion instead of lying to her that you also like fashion.  She will be mad at you if she realizes that you were lying to her.

When you ask her about fashion, you will sound genuine and she will be happy that you are interested in what she loves. You can chip in your honest reviews about the things she is talking about. In fact, she will be willing to accept critical comments.

She will be happy to talk about what she loves with an intellectual person and would be ready to clarify your thoughts as she is a pro and you are just an amateur. If you find anything related to what she loves, share it with her and ask her what she thinks about it. This is one of the best ways to build rapport.

  1. Try to Be Different

There are many youngsters out there who date older women for money. They look for older women who have a lot of money. Women know about this and it discourages them from dating men who are younger than them. As such, you need to show your crush that you are not after her money by your actions.

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One of the best ways is to avoid asking for money from your crush unless you need money urgently. You should also avoid giving her gifts as she knows that you are giving her a gift to impress her. She has seen many gold diggers. Don’t let her think that you are one of the gold diggers. Instead of buying expensive gifts, focus on having priceless virtues. This will help you in your relationship as it will make her see you as a good person.

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