Which UK Company Sells the Best Platform Lifts?

Platform lifts are a great way to allow people with disabilities to move from one floor to another. These lifts are useful in commercial buildings but are also becoming more common in homes. Platform lifts allow people with disabilities to maintain a more independent lifestyle, even in their own homes, by helping them get to a different floor without needing anyone’s assistance. Since a good lift can be so useful, it’s important to get the right one and the excellent customer service you need. So, we are going to tell you which platform lift company is the best and why it’s the best.

You’ll Love Axess2 as Your Platform Lift Company

Axess2 is the top platform lift company in the UK, with flexible options for every application, excellent service, and a well-established reputation for quality. Let’s take a closer look at this company so you can see for yourself why they are the best.

They Offer Flexible Options

Axess2 offers three distinct varieties of vertical lifts that can be customized for each application. These are low pit lifts, low headroom lifts, and pitless lifts.

Low Pit Lift

Low pit lifts can be installed with a pit as small as 100 mm. These lists can even be pitless if you use a small access ramp. Most of the lifts we install can be either low pit or pitless. This can make installing a lift much more economical due to a decrease in excavation costs.

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Low Headroom Lifts

This option is great when space is limited, especially when combined with a low pit. This is also a very affordable choice, even when you have very little space.

Pitless Lifts

Pitless lifts are another great option when space is limited. These lifts are becoming an increasingly common choice due to some site conditions and also building restrictions for deep pits.

They Have Good Customer Service

No matter which option you prefer, this top platform lift company will be there to help you make sure the lift you choose will work for your situation. This means customized installation to ensure the lift meets your needs and responsive is service ready to help with any questions or issues. Axess2 provides 24/7 support meaning they are always ready to help.

Their Lifts Are High Quality

Axcess2 has extremely high-quality standards, and its lifts are fully accredited. The lifts comply with DDA requirements, and they offer a wide variety of lifts that are compliant with Part M of the building regulations. The lifts are durable and well-lit to help ensure the safety of your passengers. In addition to this, they are fire-resistant.

Their Team Provides Top Level Maintenance

After installing a lift, Axcess2 knows you want your lift to remain in good condition. So, they offer a variety of maintenance contracts designed to meet the needs of different customers. But, no matter the level of contract you choose, they always provide top-level service. All of their service personnel are highly trained and receive ongoing training to ensure that their skills remain up-to-date. Their service personnel is also directly employed by Axcess2 so you can be certain that you will receive quality service no matter where your business is located.

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Final Thoughts

A platform lift is a significant investment, and you want to be sure you are choosing a high-quality option from a great provider. With Axess2, you can be sure you are receiving your lift from a top provider recognized by many of the largest retailers in the UK. Visit the website to learn more

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