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New Car Protection for Paint, Fabric & Leather Surfaces

Choosing the right protection for your new car in Cheltenham
As your new car is a substantial purchase, so you want to be able to protect it in the best way possible. The sealant systems usually offered by dealerships are polymer sealant systems. These are not very durable, often not applied properly, and can be destroyed by the harsh chemicals used in the roadside car washes.

Shine My Ride can protect your vehicle’s interior fabrics, exterior side and rear glass, alloy wheel faces and paintwork of your new vehicle
How much work is involved with New Car Protection?
Unlike dealer applied sealants, there is a great deal of time taken to prepare your vehicle for New Car Protection products. Even new cars are often delivered with marks such as swirls already on the paintwork, as well as industrial fallout bonded to the paint.

So this is the process we go through when protecting a new car:
Wash the exterior of the vehicle, including cleaning the wheels
Remove any tar and/or industrial fallout or other bonded contaminants present
Wash the exterior again and dry
Assess paintwork for swirls and light scratches
Machine polish paintwork to remove or reduce the above defects and heighten gloss
Polish paintwork with a pre-wax cleaner
Wipe over paintwork with an IPA solution to remove any oils from polishing etc
Apply sealant to paintwork and buff off according to manufacturer instructions
Apply sealant to alloy wheels and glass if applicable, and buff off
Apply a long-term dressing to any trim, and dress tyres

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How long will a Full Valet take for my car?
An average sized car can take between 3 to 4 hours to be valeted. An MPV or Commercial Vehicle can take around 4 to 5 hours.

Why does a car valet take so long?
Because we want to do the job in full. We don’t just exceed our customers’ expectations but we always maintain Prestige Valetings own standards. Remember, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to car valeting Cheltenham.

My car has just been valeted. How long will it take for the seats and carpets to fully dry after they have been shampooed

It normally takes approximately 3 hours to dry, but we will put car seat covers over them if they are damp when you collect your vehicle.

I have tried everything on my alloy wheels but cannot get rid of the brake dust and dirt on my car. Can you help?

At Prestige Valeting our speciality is getting your car’s wheels spotless. The alloy wheel cleaner we use is very effective when combined with our powerful jet wash. This will get rid off all the excess dirt on the alloy wheels of your car, leaving them immaculate.

How much notice is needed to book a car valet?

From 1 hour to 1 day. It really depends on how busy we are.

Can you clean my car while I am at work?

Yes, we can arrange to collect and return your car or you can bring your car to us.

Touring Caravan Valeting in Cheltenham

Touring Caravan Owner?
Shine My Ride can provide a valeting service for you. Not only can we perform an intensive valet to restore their appearance, we can also carry out regular maintenance valeting to keep your holiday home clean and protected.

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What’s Involved In A Caravan Valet?
Firstly we thoroughly clean the exterior, getting the dirt from the usual traps like the awning rails etc. Once clean we then machine polish the front, sides and rear to to restore the shine. Then we protect with exterior with a wax known for it’s durability. Finally the tyres and any black plastic trim on the unit are dressed.

Caravan Been Stuck In Storage?
We can thoroughly clean the exterior of your touring caravan, including the roof, to remove the dirt and algae that accumulates. We strongly recommend adding some protection to the outside of your tourer in the form of a durable wax or sealant to protect it and make it easier to clean.
Selling Your Caravan?
Why not treat it to a pre-sale valet? If the unit is presented in the best possible condition, it will hopefully attract a new owner at a price you want.
Our caravan valeting includes both caravans and mobile homes. Are you getting weary when it comes to cleaning your caravan? You have to live in it after all, so having it spick and span is a number 1 priority for hygiene and image.

When it isn’t in use it can gather up so much dust because a caravan can be simply forgotten about until it is needed. Grime can congregate on the caravan ceiling and running dirt marks down the sides of the caravan where the rain has carried the dirt.

We can take care of that problem for you, Ultrashine Valeting Services have the equipment to deal with even the toughest of caravan valeting tasks, and we can turn your mobile home or caravan into a thing of beauty. We can take on single valets or recurring contract work and even take on contract work in bulk.

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