Ideas for a Movie Birthday Party

For a kid who’s not yet a tween- a movie birthday party is a superb idea- because they are needs to get beyond this for treasure hunts and other silly party games that they adored when these were younger- plus they aren’t quite old enough yet for a sleepover party (according to your house rules anyway!) One of the nice reasons for having this kind of a kids birthday party is that it requires hardly any effort to pull off- and there’s a very small amount of clean up! We’ve hosted several movie-themed parties within the years- and also have some fun suggestions to share!

A movie party is a superb party theme that is exquisite for kids who are past the age of treasure hunts and little kids party games, however, not quite ready yet for a sleepover party! Listed below are my tips how to host a movie-themed party!

Movie birthday party tips: Choosing the right movie for birthday party!
You want to select a movie that attracts your child’s generation and comes with an appropriate rating that your guest’s parents will approve.

Try to pick a movie close to its opening weekend so that most of the party guests won’t have seen it yet- but skip wildly popular new releases on opening weekends!

Check out the party planning options at the theatre
There are two ways to carry a movie party at your local theatre. One idea is to book the complete theatre such that it will be closed to the general public and reserved limited to you as well as your guests (of course this can be pretty expensive). But I know of some families who celebrate siblings birthdays together at the same party by reserving the complete theatre and allowing their kids to invite all their friends.

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The next way to get this done is to call the theatre beforehand and let them know just how many guests you’ll be bringing along to the party. They often won’t reserve you a portion of seats, but often they are willing to use you on an organization low price for the movie tickets and a kids snack combo (small drink, small popcorn, and candy).

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